CTA Challenge

2017 Leaderboard

Below are the top 10 ranking programs year-to-date in the CTA Challenge.
Results are based on risk-adjusted performance through July 31, 2017.

Rank YTD CTA Name Program Previous Rank (as of June 30)
Sector Arc Advisors, LLC Global Lean Hog Ag Strategy 1
Opus Futures, LLC Advanced Ag Trading Program 2
Goldman Management, Inc Stock Index Futures *QEP* 5
Emil Van Essen, LLC Spread Trading Program *QEP* 3
Emil Van Essen, LLC Multi-Strategy Program *QEP* 10
Ditsch Trading, LLC Discretionary Trading Program 4
Covenant Capital Management, LLC CCM Tactical Growth *QEP* 11
M6 Capital Management, LLC Standard Program *QEP* 18
Quantitative Investment Management, LLC Global Program *QEP* 6
Camkay Capital Management, LLC Stock Indices Short-Term 8

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